Board Services

Completing or building a Board is critically important and complicated. Fortunately, Ferguson Partners is well versed in the factors that drive, or can derail, the process. One of the cornerstones of our approach is to work with the Governance Committee of the Board, as well as the Chief Executive Officer, to identify the appropriate backgrounds for consideration. We also take into consideration the current composition of the Board to ensure new Directors complement the existing expertise and experience and are able to support the strategic direction of the company.

Given the complexity and time sensitive nature of these engagements, availability and commitment are of paramount importance. As a result, we also attempt to ensure we are no more than two hours from a client’s headquarters by plane. And, as always, our clients benefit from our deep industry knowledge and comprehensive process.

Our Process

Analyze Client Needs

  • Meet with the client to obtain a thorough understanding of the company’s culture and human capital needs
  • Offer market intelligence to outline the competitive compensation range
  • Work with the client to reach consensus on the scope and responsibility of the position and its reporting relationships; develop appropriate position specification
  • Tailor our recruitment strategy to match our client’s requirements

Conduct Market Research

  • Identify target companies and industry sectors through public and private information sources
  • Leverage FPL’s previous engagements, proprietary database and network of “alumni” to quickly identify potential candidates and sources
  • Email approved position specification to prospective candidates and sources; follow up with personal contact

Identify Potential Candidates

  • Confidentially pre-reference potential candidates with trusted individuals who have worked with the candidate.
  • Interview candidates who meet search criteria, express genuine interest in the opportunity and have received positive pre-referencing
  • Prepare periodic reports outlining the search progress
  • Present candidate letters outlining each candidate’s experience, motivations/concerns, strengths/weaknesses and compensation

Organize Client/Candidate Interviews

  • Orchestrate all aspects of client/candidate meetings
  • Consult with client to evaluate each candidate’s suitability
  • Consult with candidates and provide client with feedback

Reference Lead Candidate

  • Contact references well known to FPL and the candidate
  • Provide client with verbal and written reference reports

Structure and Negotiate Offer

  • Assess candidates current compensation relative to the assignment parameters; make recommendation to client
  • Work with client to structure and extend an offer
  • Negotiate offer and provide guidance to client on counter offers
  • Consult with successful candidate on proper tactics for resignation from existing position
  • Provide client with closing interview or questionnaire soliciting candid feedback on the search
  • Follow up periodically with the client and successful candidate to ensure a smooth transition