At Ferguson Partners, recruiting leadership is both an art and a science. Serving both public and private companies, we conduct over 200 assignments around the world each year. Our approach is always consultative, and we dedicate a team of experienced executive search professionals, with deep expertise in our clients’ business, to each search.

Our Process

Analyze Client Needs

  • Meet with the client to obtain a thorough understanding of the company’s culture and human capital needs
  • Offer market intelligence to outline the competitive compensation range
  • Work with the client to reach consensus on the scope and responsibility of the position and its reporting relationships; develop appropriate position specification
  • Tailor our recruitment strategy to match our client’s requirements

Conduct Market Research

  • Identify target companies and industry sectors through public and private information sources
  • Leverage FPL’s previous engagements, proprietary database and network of “alumni” to quickly identify potential candidates and sources
  • Email approved position specification to prospective candidates and sources; follow up with personal contact

Identify Potential Candidates

  • Confidentially pre-reference potential candidates with trusted individuals who have worked with the candidate.
  • Interview candidates who meet search criteria, express genuine interest in the opportunity and have received positive pre-referencing
  • Prepare periodic reports outlining the search progress
  • Present candidate letters outlining each candidate’s experience, motivations/concerns, strengths/weaknesses and compensation

Organize Client/Candidate Interviews

  • Orchestrate all aspects of client/candidate meetings
  • Consult with client to evaluate each candidate’s suitability
  • Consult with candidates and provide client with feedback

Reference Lead Candidate

  • Contact references well known to FPL and the candidate
  • Provide client with verbal and written reference reports

Structure and Negotiate Offer

  • Assess candidates current compensation relative to the assignment parameters; make recommendation to client
  • Work with client to structure and extend an offer
  • Negotiate offer and provide guidance to client on counter offers
  • Consult with successful candidate on proper tactics for resignation from existing position
  • Provide client with closing interview or questionnaire soliciting candid feedback on the search
  • Follow up periodically with the client and successful candidate to ensure a smooth transition