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Nareit Compensation Survey

The Nareit Compensation Survey is the most comprehensive real estate survey of its kind with a 48% participation rate representing approximately 75% of the equity market capitalization of listed equity REITs.

Nareit and FPL have captured a vast amount of competitive data that help users identify the latest market shifts and developments regarding compensation levels, department sizes and organizational structures. With this data you will be able to:

  • Set salary levels that keep employees engaged
  • Actively manage general and administrative costs
  • Identify and build career development paths
  • Help retain top talent
  • Benchmark employee salary with your competitors
  • Compare board structures and compensation levels

To order the full survey results, visit the order page on or contact Allison Shaw, Manager, Operations, Nareit at +1 202 739 9420 or

Sample from 2017 Nareit Compensation Survey
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